The organization Is founded by aviation professionals who have more than 20 years of expertise assisting overseas students in selecting the best course of study.

Due to the high-quality standards established by the pooled expertise of professionals in the aviation industry, New Zealand’s pilot training is regarded as among the best in the world.

Additionally, New Zealand’s geographical setting and its varied weather conditions help pilot airmanship prepare pupils to become top-notch pilots.

Advantages of flying in New Zealand
  • ICAO Contracting State
  • Course Fee Protection by Public Trust
  • Hassle free Radio Telephony Conversion
  • Open Sky Policy
  • Course Duration 9 to 12 Months



  • Student need to have completed 18 years on the start date of the program
  • Class 2 medicals – ‘FIT’ for PPL or Class 1 medical ‘FIT’ for CPL of CAA NZ (Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand)
  • Highest educational certificate from their home country
  • IELTS or equivalent English test acceptable to Immigration NZ for Level 5 program

License & Privileges

  • CAA Private Pilot license
  • CAA Commercial Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating, single-engine & multi-engine.

The first step to getting your wings is this! A PPL holder may serve as a Pilot-in-Command but is not permitted to receive pay. The ability to drive alone or with family or friends is comparable to having a private motorcar license.

The duration of this program is approximately 4 months to 6 months and consists of:

  • 6 theory exams
  • 50 hours of flying
  • A practical flight test and
  • English language proficiency test

After earning their PPL, students who want to advance in their careers and become commercial pilots should enroll in this programme. The student will be able to work for a wage, hire, or reward with a Commercial Pilot License, also known as CPL. The student will require roughly 6 to 8 months from the PPL stage to get here, and they must pass

  • 6 theory exams
  • 200 hours of total time (100 hours Solo or more and 100 hours dual time or less)
  • cross country flight test and
  • CPL flight test

The Commercial Pilot License Training Scheme is being subcontracted by National Trade Academy, which has received clearance from NZQA under section 251 of the Education Act 1989.

1] Instrument Rating

Unless a student chooses a country-specific degree where the New Zealand Instrument rating is not necessary, this programme can be finished well within one’s CPL. When you have an instrument rating, you only use the aircraft’s instruments and radio signals from the ground to fly or navigate it. For students interested in pursuing a career as an airline pilot, this curriculum is required. A single engine aircraft’s instrument rating is referred to as SEIR, and an aircraft with more than one engine’s instrument rating is referred to as MEIR. If completed outside of the CPL programme, this curriculum has a duration of three to four months and entails the following:

The Commercial Pilot License Training Scheme is being subcontracted by National Trade Academy, which has received clearance from NZQA under section 251 of the Education Act 1989.

  • 3 theory exams
  • 20 hours simulator time
  • 20 hours aircraft time and
  • IR Flight test

2] Instructor Rating

his programme is for students who have a Commercial Pilot License and 150 hours of Pilot-in-Command experience and who want to teach other student pilots their skills and expertise. This is comparable to a programme for teachers’ training. It lasts for roughly 4 to 6 months and includes:

  • 25 hours dual flight training with B Cat
  • 1 hour of spinning
  • Instructional Technic Course and
  • Flight Test

3] Frozen ATPL

These days, the majority of airlines prefer to hire pilots with frozen ATPLs since it enables them to begin command training as soon as they reach the necessary number of flight hours for the type of aircraft. You will acquire the additional information necessary to advance from First Officer to Captain through this curriculum, which includes

  • 7 theory tests

4] Enrollment Procedure

  • Fill the Enrolment form
  • Upload passport and educational documents
  • Attend an online interview with Trainers
  • Enrolment form will be processed and an Offer of Place letter will be issued
  • Vayudoot provides assistance to their students with Immigration & Visa process.



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