A320 Type Rating is a great decision to enhance your career prospects and surpass the competition in your airline pilot job. The Indian skies are dominated by Airbus 320 and are the aircraft of choice by a majority of the Airlines operating in India. All over the world Airbus 320 surpassed its biggest competitor Boeing 737 in October 2019 to become the highest-selling single-aisle commercial airliner and has 8500 + aircraft in service with another 6000 aircraft on order for the coming future. Between all the Airlines combined India will take delivery of 1 Airbus aircraft every week making it an absolute choice for your Type Rating.

As per DGCA India Regulations, We Provide A320 Type Rating.

The A320 type rating includes JOC and MCC.

MCC – Multi Crew Cooperation

Each pilot on a commercial aircraft needs to be skilled in multi-crew cooperation, which is taught in the MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) course. They must be aware of their role in every phase of flight, whether it be dealing with routine operations or handling unusual or emergency situations. The Multi-Crew Cooperation course will acquaint you with flying concepts like teamwork, decision-making, checklist utilization, and mutual assistance while offering you a glimpse into the airline pilots’ operational framework.

The A320 Fixed Base Simulator is used for the Multi Crew Cooperation training to provide you a realistic grasp of aircraft systems and piloting dynamics.


Jet Orientation Course

The Jet Orientation Course is the ideal training programme to ensure a seamless transfer from piston-engine aircraft operations to jet engine operations. The course will improve your comprehension, handling abilities, and awareness of the jet environment so you can operate jet engines proficiently. Jet engines have unique characteristics.

Minimum Requirements
  • At Least 25 hours on multiengine aircraft (10 hours can be completed in an approved simulator)
  • Valid CPL (A) or ATPL (A) Issued by DGCA of India
  • RTR
  • Medical – Class – I


Course Description

Theoretical Training for A320 Type rating - Rating + JOC + MCC will consist of 135 training hour covering the listed topics

  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Management Systems (FMS)
  • MCC/JOC Training
  • Preflight Inspection Training
  • Cockpit Procedure Training (CPT)
  • Calculation of obstacle Clearance
  • Limitation
  • Mass and Balance Calculation
  • AFM Performance
  • Operation Procedure Training

Simulator Sessions Consist of 64 hours on the airbus A320 FBS/ FFS. Each FFS Session Comprises of 4 hour of flight training and it divided between pilot flying and pilot not flying. A minimum Period of Eleven days is required for this part of Training.

  • 24 hours of fbs Training
  • 44 Hour FFS Training
  • A Briefing start an hour before the flight Session, Whereas a debriefing takes place for an hour after the session.



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